the rwanda fiasco

The Rwanda Fiasco

Anne Marie Waters Friday 17th June 2022 This was never going to work.  Priti Patel clearly thought that by stating she’d send illegal immigrants to be processed in Rwanda, the numbers of those crossing the channel would drop.  She was wrong.  It was another failed gimmick by a government trading in gimmicks. In April, the... Read more

the sligo murders are another warning

The Sligo Murders are Another Warning

Anne Marie Waters  Thursday 21st April 2022 There are some things we’re just not allowed to talk about. Even those who dissent from the mainstream on things like covid or globalism will very often avoid this topic. Others will talk about it but tread very carefully and make sure never to imply that there may... Read more

sunday column government remembrance betrayal

SUNDAY COLUMN: Government Remembrance Betrayal

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 14th November 2021 Today is Remembrance Sunday.  I have just returned from laying a wreath at the Headland Cenotaph in Hartlepool, where I live. I saw a wreath from the Conservative Party and from Labour, and to be frank, it made by blood boil. While the people of Britain, and its... Read more

the amess murder and the end of our liberties

The Amess Murder and the End of our Liberties

Anne Marie Waters 19th October 2021 It is not unheard of – in fact it is common – for the powerful to use a tragic event for their own ends.  Last week’s murder of Conservative MP Sir David Amess is about to become a prime example. The headlines on the newspapers today give the game... Read more

bank holiday special the issues we face


Anne Marie Waters  Monday 30th August 2021  It’s been a busy weekend.  It’s been a weekend of variety: a variety of the most serious issues we face as a country.  The issues are connected.  They are all part of a new world of moral inversion, of division and of control. It started in Wales on... Read more