expose black lives matter in bristol

Expose Black Lives Matter in Bristol

Anne Marie Waters  Wednesday 2nd March 2022 FOR BRITAIN WILL PROTEST AGAINST ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ IN BRISTOL ON APRIL 9TH.   JOIN US. Black Lives Matter (BLM) have the kind of support most campaigners can only dream of.  The press portrays them as something akin to saints, even covering up their violence.  Their influence can be... Read more

the ties that bind what purpose do international organisations serve

The Ties That Bind: What Purpose Do International Organisations Serve?

Kerry Jones  Thursday 28th October 2021  International organisations such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), World Trade Federation (WTF), and World Bank (WB) are all organisations that we hear a lot about, but how many of us actually understand what they do, and how much power do... Read more

sunday column mps murder a disunited kingdom

SUNDAY COLUMN: MP’s Murder – A Disunited Kingdom

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 17th October 2021 “Diversity is our strength”.  That’s what we’re told.  Incessantly.  Relentlessly.  Over and over again.  But what is not so ever-present is a reason, or an explanation. Why is diversity our strength?  What exactly is so strong about it? This phrase is classic example of what the term ‘Orwellian’... Read more

sunday common the common law conundrum

SUNDAY COMMON: The Common Law Conundrum

Anne Marie Waters Sunday 10th October 2021 It’s an issue that pops up very very frequently, especially since the Coronavirus Act removed so many of our rights and freedoms with blatant ferocity.  Many people take for granted that our rights are protected at Common Law and that the government is acting unlawfully in restricting our... Read more