The Big Big Ben Brexit Bong Bung Bonanza

The Big Big Ben Brexit Bong Bung Bonanza

The biggest issue of our day continues to drag on – whether Big Ben will bong for Brexit. Despite Boris promising the Government was looking at a way for people to bung a bob for a Big Ben bong, it took StandUp4Brexit to launch an official crowdfunder last night, which in 14 hours has raised £47,000 from 3,300 people – £1,000 of which came from Mark Francois. Only £450,000 to go…

Unfortunately for those 3,300 people, it looks like a new hurdle has been put up, as Commons officials have said they will refuse any public cash to pay for the installation of the Big Ben bonger, saying there is “no legal basis” for them to accept public donations. Scrooges…

Not only might Big Ben not bong, but it sounds like Farage’s planned Parliament Square party won’t be as explosive as hoped; as Farage and Tice’s application to launch fireworks from a barge on the Thames fizzles out following officials at the Port of London Authority – which manages the Thames – refusing permission. Tice has had to put out a public plea to anyone in the Westminster area with a balcony or roof to launch fireworks off instead. Anyone lucky enough to have the property, get in touch…


Boris’s Bonkers ‘Bung a Bob for a Big Ben Bong’ Bid Binned

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