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The Chinafication of the West?


I wrote an article in July 2020 entitled The World’s Deadliest Virus – Global Communism – it’s coming

What inspired me to write this?  I was starting to notice something deeply disturbing taking place within our country – especially among the young – and that was a rise in identity politics and a distinct hatred for Britain and its history.


Identity hatred is the key component that makes Communism work.  The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles – Karl Marx.

Nearly 200 years after the writing of the Communist manifesto, the left are now using identity politics and violence in order to resurrect this extremist ideology which is all about power and control.

The death toll numbers under Communism are staggering:-

    • Eastern Europe 1m 
    • Vietnam 1m
    • Afghanistan 1.5m
    • Africa 1.7m 
    • North Korea 2m
    • Cambodia 2m 
  • Soviet Russia 20m people

But nowhere is the genocidal sociopathic blood lust of Communism more evident than the dark history of Communist China.  After becoming a Communist dictator Mao joked about the killing of business owners in his own country. 30m people. “We have so many people we can afford to lose a few”.  

Could China and its CCP operatives have infiltrated our education system? Nigel Farage has today (21st Feb 2021) released a YouTube video in which he discusses this very issue.


He states that with Brexit done – albeit imperfectly – he was going to focus as much as he could on China, or in particular the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  


Here is a story that has yet not been told”.  We know China has a “Belt and Road” policy led by President Xi and that the aim is very simple it is world economic domination.

We also knew that British Universities were receiving quite large sums of Chinese money but this story has been completely untold up until this moment in time and it is that the Chinese are now buying up British Schools.  I hadn’t heard this until a few days ago.

It started back in 2014 and it is now gathering pace – why is it happening? – well the independent sector, the private sector in Britain, educates about 7% of our children but school fee inflation has been so rapid over the last few years that many of them have got real financial difficulties, the boarding schools have made up for this by getting lots and lots of Chinese students to come and pay top whack fees in this country. 

All of that we knew, what we didn’t know was that a series of Chinese companies are busy buying up schools.  Now you might say isn’t it better that Chinese money buys up these independent schools some of which have been around for centuries, isn’t it better that happens than they actually close down.  Well, what I am about to tell you will make you realise just how sinister this is.  

A company known as Bright Scholar have bought Bournemouth Collegiate, they have bought St Michaels, they have bought Bosworth Independent, they have bought the CATs colleges – a series of language colleges around the country – but when you look who owns Bright Scholar, well it is run by the richest woman in Asia, whose father is a senior figure in the Chinese Communist Party.  You can go on and on and see that every one of these companies buying up British schools has a direct link to the Chinese Communist Party.


What are they teaching?  Well for example the Confucius Institute now has its materials in 29 of our University Campuses and 148 of our schools and are encouraging youngsters to go on apps such as “Go Chinese” where with basic mandarin they can see President Xi giving them a potted history of China and all the great things it has done and continues to do.  

It is an utterly sanitised view of China in the past and China today.  No mention of course of what is happening to the Uyghurs, no mention of course of what is happening to democracy in Hong Kong.  These people are being taught that China is the future, they are being literally indoctrinated by the Chinese CCP.

I think this is an absolutely massive story and I think it is one that needs to be told.  I am delighted that the Mail on Sunday have really gone for this in such a big way.  you can read it now online. They have done very extensive research on this and I think that Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, needs to answer a question today. 

“Are we going to allow young children/young adults in our country to be indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party or are we going to put a stop to this”.  

This isn’t just about an economic takeover of the West, it is about a cultural takeover too.  I think it is one of the most sinister things I have seen coming from China, I am pleased this story is now out….

At this point I would like to remind you about the Imperial College Professor who played such a pivotal role in the implementation of the “Chinese style Lockdowns” within Britain and the United States.

xCCP3.png.pagespeed.ic.lSdHVr 7RR


Could the Chinafication of the West be a reality?  Could CCP operatives have infiltrated national and international organisations?

Look around you – what do you see – then ask yourself that question.

More to follow on this ground breaking story…………[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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