Tony Blair Report: Centralisation undermines democracy – Major EU flaw!

This is just a short follow up to my recent column based on the The Tony Blair Institute’s Report on the Rise of Populism (attached).
I would like to draw your attention to one statement in particular which it would appear inadvertently exposes a major flaw in the EU’s structure:-
So what are the lessons for some of the richest and most powerful democracies that are now governed by populist leaders?  And do the findings presented here bode well or ill for the ability of American institutions to withstand Trump’s populist administration?
The United States is the oldest functioning democracy in the world.  Its political system is extremely decentralised, making it much harder for American Presidents to undermine democratic institutions.”
Lets reflect on that statement for a moment:- 
The Decentralistion of power makes it more difficult to undermine democratic institutions.”
Now apply that finding to the EU institution with its increasing centralisation of power to unelected Presidents on those terms its centralised structure totally undermines the integrity of democratic institutions.
Question:  Why would Tony Blair (or indeed any politician) believing in a functioning democracy champion membership of an institution which undermines that very democracy.
Question:  Has the Blair institute inadvertently dropped a clanger?  I believe they have!

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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