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Vote blue no matter who: Elections according to the U.S. Democrats


Author: Justas Stankevičius

437x291xJustas Stankevicius

The U.S. Democratic Party continues to hack the electoral system after the suspiciously “stolen” US presidential election. A few weeks ago, the United States House of Representatives passed a new proposal called “For the People Act”. This law contains more than 800 pages, and it was written by Democratic Senators. The problem with this new law is the introduction of major changes in voting procedures across the United States. Section 303A of this act, called “permitting use of sworn written statement to meet identification requirements” enables voters to not use an ID card in voting. The only consolation is that the law must be submitted to the U.S. Senate by the U.S. House of Representatives. Already, Senate Democrats openly admit that they do not expect to gather the missing 10 Republican votes for the law to be passed. 


Neo-Marxist narrative to pass the new rules

Members of the US Democratic Party are using already traditional “oppressor-repressor” narrative that is used in far left ideologies. In this exact case this narrative says that poor minorities cannot afford to pay $ 60-175 for ID cards. According to them, across the U.S. up to 25% of African-Americans do not have ID cards while only 8% of whites do not have ID cards. This means that approximately 21 million U.S. citizens do not have an ID card with an identity photo su they cannot participate in the vote. The summary therefore states that the requirement to present an identity card constitutes discrimination against minorities. Giving free ID cards to 21 million people would cost several billion dollars. Compared to the $ 1.90 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package this is an extremely small amount across the U.S. federation. But the Democrats have prepared a “cheaper way out”.

The solution – no identity documents in voting

If this law is passed in the U.S. Senate, it would allow individuals to vote by signing a written confirmation that they have the right to vote and are not lying about their identity. Nevertheless this law would also take precedence over the laws of individual U.S. states. In this way, it contradicts the constitutional right of individual states to control their electoral process. Prominent Republican Mike Pence said that this law is “highly dubious” adding that it was “the most prone to abuse electoral law in the country while prohibiting common sense measures to detect, deter and prosecute electoral fraud”. Meanwhile, a significant number of Republicans rightly say that this law will only increase the number of cases of electoral fraud, as it will make it easier for convicted criminals and illegal immigrants to vote. 

Worth to mention that not just Democratic opponents fear this law. According to the National Review, Democrats are working to create loopholes in electoral laws that will help them win – a hypothesis that seems valid given the recent U.S. presidential election. Besides, according to the “Reason” portal, this law is a threat to freedom of speech and will indirectly limit the ability of citizens to criticize political decisions in this public sphere. Another important aspect is that among the many new requirements set out in the legislation, there would be a new requirement to disclose all details about paid political content and content created by sympathizers. Basically, using traditional online ads or even memes will require a long text that reveals which organization created the ad or memo. According to the Heritage Foundation, this means that millions of citizens who disagree with the radical left would be at a high risk of crushing a culture of censorship. The Heritage Foundation documents also state that this would replace the decentralization of the American electoral process, an essential protection of free elections in the United States. Under the U.S. law-making process, the law must be debated. For the debate to end it is necessary to obtain the approval of 60 senators that the debate is closed. Until this happens there is no possible vote to pass the law. In this way, the adoption of the law is effectively prevented as the minority party (Republicans) does not allow to collect as many as 60 senators votes so the adoption of the law cannot be considered. Democrats are believed to be seeking to remove this requirement by using their majority to pass any law accusing Republicans of being dragging down the passage of a law that would directly protect the rights of minorities. This requirement is known as “filibuster”. Only this requirement prevents Democrats from exercising their small majority. 

What does this mean for direct democracy?

Recalling that many Americans believe that the last US presidential election was stolen and the legitimacy of this cat testifies to the obvious crisis of direct democracy in the US. To date, The United States is known as a promoter of direct democracy, human rights, capitalism and liberalism has itself become hostage to one ruling party. This law also poses a clear threat to the electoral process itself. A person coming to vote without an identity document only needs to sign a written undertaking that he is the person he claims to be. Is there any guarantee that this person will not try to vote for his/her candidate more than once? After all, what could go wrong if people who do not have the right to vote (criminals, illegal migrants etc.) would vote? The U.S. Democrats have not come up with any  concrete answers to these questions.

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