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We have been SILENCED by Big Tech for fighting back against tyranny!

Yesterday was a truly phenomenal day for our movement. All of us who have been lobbying and contacting organisations politely telling them not to consent to the Government’s trials of testing and Covid Certifications can hold our heads high as the Hot Water Comedy Club bravely decided to pull out of hosting a gig where testing trials were involved. Still the mainstream media continues to lie about why they have done this and smeared them as taking part in Covid Certification trials when they have been against this from the outset and we intimated that from the start.

So then my colleague Carl Pearson did our show last night discussing all the goings on and half an hour after the show we were hit with a strike due to ‘medical misinformation’. We are fully aware of what is allowed on YouTube and we did not break any of their rules. We are opposed to vaccine passports and call them out yet this can now see you silenced as we are unable to broadcast for a week.

This has never happened to us before in over 2 years of broadcasting yet it happens the very night we score a massive victory over the Government. Likewise we received massive praise for the Desmond Swayne interview on the same day where tough questions were asked. Really does make you think this is not a coincidence…

So what can you do to help us get the word out? Firstly it is so important that you get our message out on social media and follow us HERE ON Dlive to watch our shows and broadcasts. Secondly people will be looking for us on YouTube so let chatrooms and friends on social media know we are being deliberately silenced. Thirdly please forward this e-mail on to others to let them know what is happening and get them to SIGN our petition against Vaxx-Passports by Clicking Here now.

There really is a huge amount of energy and dynamism behind our campaign and we cannot wait to get out there on the streets to spread the message! We have also just had the following leaflet created against Vaxx-Passports with 35,000 leaflets being printed as we speak. Please feel free to download and print yourselves if you want to hand out in the meantime.

We are so grateful to everybody who has supported our crowdfunder with all donations meaning more leaflets, posters, clothing and banners getting made up. Today we have sent out hundreds to our supporters for the big demonstration in London on the 24th. All leaflets and posters are free for those who want them so if you want any please email my colleague and we will get out as many as we can but please be patient as we have so many to get through!

If you want to support our campaign please click below for the crowdfunder or to buy merchandise for out on the streets, again if you are short of funds and really want something for upcoming rallies and events let me know and we will do our best.

I will be in touch again tomorrow or Thursday about our next stage targeting all businesses to ensure they don’t support medical apartheid and then encouraging people to organise locally as well as at the trial events coming up!

We are WINNING this battle for freedom!

To the sound of laughter & joy returning!

David Clews


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