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Woke or Ignorant? Why Meghan should be pitied and not scolded


Woke or just thick? Meghan should be pitied not scolded

Roger Watson


The painful and impoverished existence of the Duke and Duchess of woke continues in exile in Hollywood. Our hearts bleed for this much maligned couple and the fact they had to flee the UK—presumably on a private jet—set up home in cramped and sub-standard housing in the USA and suffer the outrages of an intrusive press. Is there no end to their privations? Is there the slightest chance they could be wrong? Is it possible they may not be telling the truth? Are they simple deluded? Or is it time we faced the fact that they are both incredibly stupid? Certainly, they are manipulative, but the astronomical extent of their fantasies and the fact that they expect us to believe them only compounds my view that they are both, to a significant extent, intellectually and educationally challenged.

So, my vote goes to stupid. Also, they are no doubt deluded and both in the throes of a collective mental health crisis. I say ‘they’, but I am really referring to her, Meghan Markle. She is so stupid she clearly thinks she is working on an expensive and long-running television series. Harry, who looks more like a filleted fish these days, simply does what he is told. At the root of it all the only explanation can be that they are incredibly and probably irreversibly dim. That she thinks her life is part real and part fantasy is exemplified by the fact that she has finally been called out by Archbishop Justin Welby over when their wedding actually took place (why it took him the best part of a month to do this is a mystery). It appears that she was unable to tell the difference between the wedding rehearsal and the real thing three days later, and it makes perfect sense. She is a pampered and mercurial actress, and she is used to rehearsing and acting, so her grasp on reality must have slipped—permanently.

Witness the Oprah Winfrey interview where she wore a dress almost identical to the one worn in a similar interview by her adulterous predecessor, the Duchess of Windsor. The parallels with the situation are striking and, again, it looks as if she is merely acting a part rather than expressing anything related to the truth. I am with Piers Morgan on this one, I don’t believe a single word they say and that includes everything they said in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Undoubtedly, this regal soap opera will continue. The media simply cannot get enough of it. But at some point, it has to stop, and that point will come when some leading psychiatrist declares that they are both either sub-normally intelligent or suffering from a paranoid delusional mental health problem. I am not a mental health expert, but I cannot believe the combined extent of the lies, the ingratitude, the manipulation, and the sheer magnitude of their sense of entitlement lies within the bounds of normal behaviour.


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