Woman tells High Court how Alex Salmond tried to rape her

A former Scottish government official has accused Alex Salmond of trying to rape her in his official residence during his time as Scotland First Minister.

The woman told the court the former SNP leader “pounced” on her and took her clothes off and attempted to rape.

She claimed he ignored her pleas to stop before pushing her onto the bed and lying down naked on top of her.

Salmond denies all charges, a total of 14 sexual assaults on 10 different women.

It is alleged that the offences were committed at various locations across Scotland, including the first minister’s official Bute House residence in Edinburgh.

The woman, known as Woman H, was the first witness to give evidence when the trial started before judge Lady Dorrian and a jury of 15 members of the public at the high court in Edinburgh.

Judge Lady Dorrian

She described herself as a “soft supporter” of independence and said that the period leading up to the referendum in September 2014 had been “extremely stressful”.

The witness said she was working at Bute House one night in June of 2014 when Mr Salmond had been hosting a celebrity to see how he could “facilitate other people in his peer group” to also support independence.

The woman said that was wearing a skirt and Mr Salmond sat next to her on a sofa before pulling her legs over his before starting to try and kiss her and touch her upper body.

The witness said she tried to get up and make an exit but was stopped my Salmond putting his arm over her effectively pinning her against a wall while touching her breast and continuing to attempt to kiss her while she was trying to “wrestle” out of it.

The woman said she managed to get away and ran upstairs to get her belongings and leave the building, however, Mr Salmond followed her and blocked her again against a wall.

She said she now looking back she wishes she had “screamed or kicked him in the nuts”, but had been “frozen” with fear and humiliation.

Alex Salmond

She claimed he then “pounced” on her and started removing both his clothes and hers, before pushing her “not violently but assertively” onto a bed and getting on top of her while he was naked.

She told the court: “I felt like I was being hunted. I remember feeling him on top of me, his private parts on top of mine, and I was thinking holy Christ. I made one final push to get him away and I managed to get him away over to the other side of the bed.

“I kept saying no, no, I’ve got a boyfriend, stop, you’re drunk and all that.”

Woman H said she had felt “humiliated and embarrassed” and did not want anyone to think she had stayed over with Mr Salmond because it would have been the “ultimate humiliation”.

She added: “I didn’t want anyone’s to know this guy had touched me in that way. He had other women and I didn’t want to be considered as that. I was scared of that.”

The other 13 charges allege that Mr Salmond:

  • Indecently assaulted Woman A on a number of occasions in Glasgow in June and July 2008 by kissing her on the mouth and touching her buttocks and breasts with his hands over her clothing
  • Sexually assaulted Woman A in December 2010 or December 2011 in the Ego nightclub in Edinburgh by touching her arms and hips with his hands over her clothing
  • Indecently assaulted Woman B in October or November 2010 at Bute House by repeatedly seizing her by the wrists and repeatedly pulling her towards him and attempting to kiss her
  • Sexually assaulted Woman C in a car in Edinburgh in February 2011 by touching her leg with his hand over her clothing
  • Sexually assaulted Woman D on various occasions between 2011 and 2013 at Bute House, the Scottish Parliament and other locations by touching her buttocks with his hands over her clothing, stroking her arms, and touching and stroking her hair
  • Sexually assaulted Woman E at Bute House in October 2013 by removing her foot from her shoe, stroking her foot, lifting her foot towards his mouth and attempting to kiss her foot
  • Sexually assaulted Woman F at Bute House in November or December 2013 by kissing her on the mouth
  • Intended to rape Woman F in December 2013 at Bute House by causing her to sit on a bed, lying on top of her, making sexual remarks to her, touching her buttocks, thighs and breasts over her clothing with his hands, repeatedly kissing her face, struggling with her and pulling up her dress
  • Sexually assaulted Woman G in 2012 at the Ubiquitous Chip restaurant in Glasgow by touching her buttocks with his hand over her clothing
  • Sexually assaulted Woman G at Bute House in April 2014 by placing his arm around her, making sexual remarks to her and attempting to kiss her
  • Sexually assaulted Woman H at Bute House in May 2014 by placing his arm around her body, placing his hand under her clothing and underwear and touching her breast, repeatedly kissing her on the face and neck and stroking her leg with his hand
  • Sexually assaulted Woman H at Bute House in June 2014 by pinning her against a wall, removing her clothes and his own, before pushing her onto a bed and lying naked on top of her
  • Sexually assaulted Woman J at Bute House in September 2014 by seizing her by the shoulders, repeatedly kissing her on the face, attempting to kiss her on the lips and touching her leg and face with his hand
  • Sexually assaulted Woman K at Stirling Castle in November 2014 by touching her buttock with his hand over her clothing

Mr Salmond still maintains he is innocent of all the allegations against him and has entered not guilty pleas to all 14 of the charges.

This content was sourced from Unity News Network.


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